NDIToolbox under Linux Mint x64
TRI's NDIToolbox under Windows 7
Screenshot of NDIToolbox (Windows 7 x64)

NDIToolbox is an extensible signal and image processing application written in Python designed to assist with the analysis of complex Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) data.


  • Plot and preview HDF5 files
  • Generate thumbnails of data files – makes it easier to browse through reams of data
  • Extensible with plugins – write your own NDI analysis scripts without worrying about creating a user interface
  • Import a variety of basic data file formats including ASCII delimited (e.g. CSV) and images (e.g. JPEG, BMP, and TIFF)
  • Import file formats commonly used in Nondestructive Testing including basic DICOM/DICONDE and formats used in commercial scanning systems
  • Probability Of Detection (POD) Toolkit – create, edit and run POD models of NDI measurements
Probability Of Detection Toolkit


NDIToolbox is a Python application and should run on most operating systems that support Python 2.7 and has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, and various flavors of 32 and 64-bit Linux.

In addition to Python NDIToolbox has a few additional dependencies:

Binary Package

Windows users-if you’d prefer not to install Python and the additional dependencies, I occasionally put together a binary package with PyInstaller.  It will probably be a little out of date compared to the straight Python offering, but it gives you the chance to play with NDIToolbox without going to all the trouble of installing Python.  A standard Windows installer package and a plain ZIP archive (useful if you want to run from a thumb drive) are available here.  Included in the ZIP are a few sample data files to get you started.


Included in the Python distribution and the Windows binaries is a set of getting started documents that walk you through the basics. You can also download them separately or view them online.

New NDE “megaplot” under Linux Mint 12