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Software Engineer
IT Data Science, C.H. Robinson
Eden Prairie, MN

Research, develop, and integrate Data Science applications into the larger C.H. Robinson IT ecosystem.
Develop new techniques and technologies, transition proof of concept code into production.

Sample Projects:

  • Document Classification – identify shipping documents from scanned images. In production,
    examines more than 30,000 images a day and is 80% accurate.
    • Keywords: tensorflow, falcon, Python, Docker, REST, image classification, image
      processing, machine vision, machine learning
  • Signature Detection – determine whether a consignee has signed a shipping document.
    • Keywords: tensorflow, falcon, Python, Docker, REST, object recognition, image processing,
      machine vision, machine learning
  • Automatic Document Indexing – extract fields such as invoice total from scanned documents.
    • Keywords: Python, Elasticsearch, REST, OCR, networkx, graph, edit distance, fuzzy matching,
      clustering, semi-supervised learning, unsupervised learning, case-based reasoning, data


Plymouth, MN

Provide data engineering, data science, applied physics services.

Sample Project:

  • Myriad Data Reduction Framework – NASA-funded effort to develop a machine learning
    pipeline for automatically detecting structural damage in aircraft. Demonstration videos of framework, damage detection algorithm, and finalist entry for 2017 AIGrant available.
    • Keywords: Java, Akka, Mahout, Jenkins, Maven, distributed, image processing, machine vision, machine learning

Data Analytics Engineer
Contata Solutions
Minneapolis MN

Design and implement analytics, data pipeline and data warehousing solutions for commercial

Sample Project:

  • Anomaly Detection in Customer Loyalty Data – proof of concept for finding outliers in customer
    rewards card program data
    • Keywords: Spark, Cassandra, Elasticsearch

Computational Physics Programmer
Computational Physics, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Deep River ON

Technical and High Performance Computing (HPC) support.

Sample Project:

  • WIMS Post Processor – extensible application for automated analysis of nuclear reactor simulation data
    • Keywords: Python, pandas, NumPy, data extraction, unstructured data, structured data

NDE Engineer / Scientist
Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE), Texas Research Institute
Austin TX

Applied physics research and development, software development, project and team management.

Sample Projects:

  • Large Area Health Monitoring Processor – developed a statistical approach to assessing the
    structural integrity of air vehicles in real time during flight and predicting future health /
    recommending course of action to mitigate. Wrote the software implementation and created a
    custom Linux distribution for the hardware. Co-inventor on patent.
    • Keywords: Python, C, C++, Linux, time series, data acquisition, data analysis
  • Acoustic Event Detection – developed an algorithm to locate the source of an acoustic event in composite structures.
    • Keywords: Python, C, C++, time series, data acquisition, data analysis, multilateration

Magnetics Engineer
Pipetronix Ltd.
Toronto ON

Applied magnetics and physics research and development.

Sample Project:

  • Ambient Magnetic Field Model – developed a model of the behavior of the magnetic field
    around an in-line inspection tool as it moved through the pipeline, used to determine the bias in
    sensor readings as a function of velocity.
    • Keywords: time series, data acquisition, data analysis


Master of Science (Physics)
Queen’s University
Kingston ON

Focus of research: effects of mechanical stress on the magnetic behavior of cracks and pitting in steel
pipelines. Completed final months of program concurrently with Magnetics Engineer position at
Pipetronix Ltd.

Honours Bachelor of Science (Physics)
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay ON

Four-year Honours program in Physics, with additional specialization in Energy and Fuel Science.


Because everybody at some point does Kaggle’s Titanic Competition.

Code Samples

In addition to the projects on this site, samples of past and current projects are also available from the following sites.