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  • MSc. Physics
  • Python developer with significant experience in Java
  • Software development support for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in engineering and the sciences
  • General software development
  • Data engineering, analytics


Founder and Principal Engineer
Minneapolis Minnesota

  • Summary of position: develop applied physics software and Big Data analytics solutions.  Write proposals for new business.
  • Write code in Java, Python, and MATLAB
  • Technologies: Akka, Apache Mahout, scikit-learn, MATLAB
  • Sample project:  Myriad Distributed Machine Vision

Software Developer
Data Science, C.H. Robinson
Eden Prairie Minnesota

  • Summary of position:  transition proof of concept data science projects from Jupyter notebooks to distributed production-scale enterprise applications.
  • Technologies:  PySpark, Spark, Hive, Dask
  • Sample project: optimize performance of a PySpark dynamic pricing application to take 30 minutes per batch from original 3 hours

Data Analytics Engineer
Contata Solutions
Minneapolis Minnesota

  • Summary of position:  liaison between engineering and machine learning teams, design data engineering architectures, led a team with both local and offshore team members.
  • Data science: extract analytics data for sales, performance metrics for engineering, input data for natural language processing
  • Technologies: MongoDB, Apache Storm, Elasticsearch, Spring Boot
  • Sample project: Outlier detection in credit card loyalty data – proof of concept Spark-ES-Cassandra system for identifying anomalies with BIRCH, AVF, and MAD

Computational Physics Programmer
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Deep River Ontario

  • Summary of position:  support reactor analysts with software development and technical support
  • Develop scientific computing applications in Python
  • Administer Python cluster installations for scientific computing
  • Write code in other languages (Java, Go, C++) when required for the project
  • Debug and fix legacy software and shepherd through release and distribution
  • Sample project: autonomous vehicle 3D vision processing pipeline – C++ library for constructing a concurrent pipeline for processing camera data into scenes and keypoint

NDE Engineer / Software Developer
TRI/Austin, Inc.
Austin Texas

  • Summary of position:  support government and industry clients in the development of nondestructive evaluation (NDE), structural health monitoring (SHM), condition-based maintenance (CBM), and magnetics-based systems; provide instrumentation and scientific computing software for other divisions and projects as required.  Manager for up to three junior members of the division.
  • Write funding proposals to government and industry, project management
  • Develop scientific computing and business desktop applications in Python
  • Write code in other languages (Javascript, LabVIEW, C++, Java, etc.) as required
  • Sample project: on-board aircraft health monitoring system.  Designed the algorithms for prognostic health assessment, developed customized embedded Linux distribution for operating system.  Successfully flight tested 2007 aboard an F-15.

Magnetics Engineer
Pipetronix Ltd. (now part of GE Pipeline Integrity Services)
Toronto Ontario

  • Summary of position: assisted in the development of a magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inline inspection (ILI) tool for Statoil’s Norne Heidrun pipeline in the North Sea. Tool is used to detect cracks, corrosion, and pitting in oil and natural gas pipelines without taking the pipeline offline.
  • Primarily responsible for experimental verification of finite element models of magnetic behavior, and for development of internal applications. Occasional magnetostatics FEA and MATLAB development.


Master of Science (Physics)
Queen’s University
Kingston Ontario

  • Focus of research: effects of stress conditions on the magnetic behavior of flaws in steel pipelines as part of the Applied Magnetics Group. Completed final months of program concurrently with Magnetics Engineer position at Pipetronix Ltd.

Honours Bachelor of Science (Physics)
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay Ontario

  • Honours program in Physics, with additional specialization in Energy and Fuel Science.

Professional Development

Advanced Java Programming Certificate
University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education

  • Two sixty-hour courses in algorithms and development of distributed network applications.

Client-Side Programming Certificate
University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education

  • Three sixty-hour courses in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, and JSON.

Java Programming Certificate
University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education

  • Five sixty-hour courses in Java development.

Python Programming Certificate
University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education

  • Four sixty-hour courses in test-driven Python development.

Patents, Presentations, and Publications


Because everybody at some point does Kaggle’s Titanic Competition.

Code Samples

In addition to the projects on this site, samples of past and current projects are also available from the following sites.