About Chris

I’m an applied physics guy by training-my Master’s thesis was all about using magnetic methods to find and assess damage in steel pipelines. After graduating I worked for a time in the oil and gas industry in Canada before moving to Texas and working on systems for Nondestructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring. One of the systems eventually led to a patent.  These days I’m the Principal Engineer at Emphysic in Minnesota, where I work on a very cool project for NASA.

Machine learning model detecting structural damage indications in ultrasonic sensor data
Detecting structural damage indications with machine learning

Most days I’m in an IDE writing Java/Python/MATLAB/C/C++, mainly for science / engineering / big data analytics.  I don’t know much about JBoss or Django, but I can tell you how to use Sobel edge detection.  And how to teach a machine learning model to automatically find indications of structural damage in reams of raw sensor data.  Desktop or server; Windows, Linux, OS X, or BSD;  I’m at home anywhere.

Examining magnetic sensor data
Examining magnetic sensor data with NDIToolbox

That’s the nutshell version, if you need more information you can look at my resume, peruse publications and presentations, or find me on LinkedIn.  Thanks for stopping by!